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One-page package
5-page Package
Custom Hosting

Internet Presence packages, clear and easy.

One-page Information package

The One-Page Information package is for companies who would like to have a web page (limited to 50 lines) that simply gives basic information, product, service and contact information about them. This would typically be a company that might not have a computer on site and does not do business on the internet (i.e.: juice stand, sports facility, dance group). This includes e-mail addresses@yourdomain.com.

5-page information package

The 5-page information package is similar to the 1-page package. It offers more information organised in a manner similar to this website you are viewing right now. Of course, e-mail addresses@yourdomain.com are included.

Custom hosting

Hosting products will be customised to meet your specific needs. Server space and technologies will be added to deliver the web presence and functions you require. These include: FrontPage extensions, SSL/HTTPS, cgi-bin (.pl/.cgi), PHP4 Scripting.




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