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How we got started

Our involvement in offering internet services started when getting an e-mail address was not so easy. You had to get an internet access account with an ISP to get one. Now virtually everyone has an e-mail address. 

Our Service

Our e-mail service offers premium quality POP accounts with a web interface available for when you travel. POP accounts work in conjunction with an e-mail client program (eg: Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora). They are generally faster because mail and attachments are downloaded to your computer by the client program, you can view and respond to messages without waiting for internet server response or even without an internet connection. Dial-up users prefer this as it helps them minimise connection charges by doing most of their work offline. Additionally, handling of attachments is generally easier, both to receive and send, when using an e-mail client program with a POP account.  

Domain Integration

When we host your domain we are able to offer an infinite number of e-mail accounts and we also include (at your request) a "catch-all" account which will still receive all mis-spelled mail as well as any others you might want to advertise without actually setting up a separate account. (Example: sales@yourdomain.com, info@yourdomain.com, and brochure@yourdomain.com, if not setup, will all be directed to the "catch-all" address).  


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